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Healthy Mind – Healthy Body

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body


Baton Rouge is abuzz about Strength Science Studios, an exercise facility focusing its efforts on a more mature crowd, age 50 and up – way up. -Strength Science Studios, 16645 Highland Road is more of a physical wellness center. Clients work out just one hour a week, and always with the guidance of a professional trainer. There are no mirrored walls, no loud music – just a welcoming, calm environment with few distractions. While the focus is on strength training, the personal relationships between trainer and client is just as important.

“We are catering to the important crowd of middle-aged people all the way to the elderly,” said John Neyland, owner. “People in the prime of their life need to boost their energy and maintain their strength, and the type of workout we offer does both. It’s not just about having a better body – it’s about having a better life. That is always my goal, to help people live a better life.”

A better life doesn’t even begin to describe how beneficial the Strength Science Studios experience has been for Susan and Dean Wallace, devoted clients.

“The exercise is great, but I have to say it has even benefitted my self-esteem,” Susan said. “I was having issues with anxiety and depression, and after several months at the Studio my doctor has eliminated some of my medication and reduced the others. I also lost inches even before I lost weight, but now I’m maintaining weight loss.”

Unlike other workout programs, clients at Strength Science Studios work out only once a week for 30 minutes with a qualified trainer to guide them through the program. According to Susan, 66, it would have been difficult for her to join a typical gym.

“I would have been embarrassed to go to other gyms because everybody there would be physically fit,” Susan said. “If I hadn’t heard about this program I probably would never have gone. But now I’m even wearing workout clothes. I just feel better about myself.”

Susan’s husband, Dean, 67, suffered two strokes some years ago. Now retired, Dean says he feels like he has added five to 10 years to his life since joining Strength Science Studios.

“When we retired, we figured we had two jobs: To take care of our health and our wealth. We met John Neyland when we attended one of his financial seminars at LSU,” Dean said. We liked the way he presented himself, so we got involved with is firm. Then he started talking about Strength Science Studios, and we like it because first they wanted us to learn about our flexibility and they help you build up your strength.”

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Work out only 30 minutes per week!

Strength Science Studios may is a unique exercise facility in Baton Rouge, focusing on mature adults, age 55 and up. Can you get stronger with a once-a-week, 30-minute workout? Indeed you can.
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