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While it may not be news to you that a Mediterranean diet is good for you, new study from U.S. News and World Report ranked the Mediterranean diet as the best in 2020. According to the rpoert. the Mediterranean Diet offers multiple  health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention and control. The diet has also been proven to help you keep weight off and avoid some chronic diseases.

Way back in 1993, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health created the Mediterranean Food Pyramid. Key to maintaining the diet are:

  • Core foods to enjoy every day: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, nuts and healthy fats such as olive oil.
  • Twice weekly servings of fish and seafood.
    Moderate portions of dairy foods, eggs, and occasional poultry.
  • Infrequent servings of red meats and sweets.

Here is a look at the Harvard recommendations:

Healthy Eating Pyramid

The magazine had a panel of experts review 35 diets, and the Mediterranean diet was ranked number one. While there is not unanimous agreement among nutritionists about weight loss benefits of the diet, many studies do show that weight maintenance is an advantage of consistently adhering to its recommended food intake.

An organization called Oldways Cultural Food Traditions worked with Harvard to develop the pyramid. Check out Oldways for more than 100 Mediterranean recipes that may just help you get started on a delicious path to better health and wellness.

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