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The wait is over! Strength Science Studios has officially opened its new location at 9730 Bluebonnet Blvd., Suite 7 in the City Square Shopping Center. We happily outgrew our former space because our target crowd, age 50 and up joined our workout program in record numbers. Our new facility is not only bigger, but we have added new equipment and services.

“From the very beginning of Strength Science Studios I wanted this to be a place where middle-aged to older people could feel comfortable starting and maintaining a workout program,” said John Neyland, owner. “In everything I do in my businesses and in my personal life, my goal is always the same – to  help people have a better life.”

Based on feedback from our members, Neyland is accomplishing his mission.

This program is everything for my wife and me,” said Michael Landry, who has been a member for over a year. “We love it. You wouldn’t think 30 minutes a week would make a difference, but it absolutely does.”

Landry and his wife, Judy, have realized multiple benefits. “When we go for a walk in the afternoon, we don’t get winded. It has helped us sleep through the night. I had sinus problems and for some reason once we got into the rhythm of this program my sinus problems improved. Even my posture is better now, because I’m walking straighter due to the fact that my core muscles are strengthened.”

Landry and our other loyal members will be happy to hear we have added a machine tailor made for older users. The Gluteator focuses on strengthening the glutes. The additional benefit of using this machine is its positive effect on balance, which aids in the prevention of falls. Toward that end, in the near future we will add an ankle machine to further help our members strengthen their legs.

The Gluteator was invented by Jeffrey Casebolt, professor of sports and exercise sciences at Texas A & M University. Casebolt is the primary consultant for our highly skilled trainers. He has done extensive research in strength training as it pertains to increased function across a lifespan, which includes young athletes to senior adults. He also specializes in the prevention of falls in older adults. In addition to his training in exercise physiology, Casebolt has extensive education in bio-mechanics, the study of movement. Strength Science Studios is the only facility in Louisiana that offers this type of expertise and emphasis on functional fitness over vanity.

We have also added massage therapy services in our new studio, by appointment. Additionally, we now have a registered dietician/nutritionist working with us on a consulting basis, to help our members develop a healthful diet that will complement their exercise program.

Neyland says seeing the increase in his clients’ quality of life is his reward. “The satisfaction in seeing these people come back to life from their sedentary ways is joyful for me. What I really want is for all of our members to have my favorite three things: “F.U.N.”

We cannot wait for you to see our new studio – we are open for business!

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