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Strength Science Studios – Tailor-made For You

Strength Science Studios – Tailor-made For You

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Baton Rouge is abuzz about Strength Science Studios, an exercise facility focusing its efforts on a more mature crowd, age 50 and up – way up. Strength Science Studios, 16645 Highland Road is more of a physical wellness center. Clients work out just once a week, and always with the guidance of a professional trainer. There are no mirrored walls, no loud music – just a welcoming, calm environment with few distractions. While the focus is on strength training, the personal relationships between trainer and client is just as important.

“We are catering to the important crowd of middle-aged people all the way to the elderly,” said John Neyland, owner. “People in the prime of their life need to boost their energy and maintain their strength, and the type of workout we offer does both. It’s not just about having a better body – it’s about having a better life. That is always my goal, to help people live a better life.”

A better life doesn’t even begin to describe how beneficial the Strength Science Studios experience has been for Susan and Dean Wallace, devoted clients.

“The exercise is great, but I have to say it has even benefitted my self-esteem,” Susan said. “I was having issues with anxiety and depression, and after several months at the Studio my doctor has eliminated some of my medication and reduced the others. I also lost inches even before I lost weight, but now I’m maintaining weight loss.”

Unlike other workout programs, clients at Strength Science Studios work out only once a week for 30 minutes with a qualified trainer to guide them through the program. According to Susan, 66, it would have been difficult for her to join a typical gym.

“I would have been embarrassed to go to other gyms because everybody there would be physically fit,” Susan said. “If I hadn’t heard about this program I probably would never have gone. But now I’m even wearing workout clothes. I just feel better about myself.”

Susan’s husband, Dean, 67, suffered two strokes some years ago. Now retired, Dean says he feels like he has added five to 10 years to his life since joining Strength Science Studios.

“When we retired, we figured we had two jobs: To take care of our health and our wealth. We met John Neyland when we attended one of his financial seminars at LSU,” Dean said. We liked the way he presented himself, so we got involved with is firm. Then he started talking about Strength Science Studios, and we like it because first they wanted us to learn about our flexibility and they help you build up your strength.”

Owner John Neyland, who also owns JCN Financial and Tax Advisory Group, did not necessarily intend for his gym to grow into the thriving business that it is now. It really was meant just for his wife Karen Neyland, who now says the program has changed her life.”

Karen, 55, is living proof the training method works. In one year, she lost 60 pounds. “I really believe this method is tailor made for people like me, and there are many people right in the middle of their lives who have picked up a few pounds along the way,” said Karen. “With a reasonable meal plan and this workout, my whole life changed.”

Karen, a trained Occupational Therapist, knows well the importance of physical movement. “The science behind all of it, as I started to learn about it, just made total sense.”

Diabetes runs in Karen’s family, but exercising was not something she really enjoyed. Then John and Karen met Celeste Fortier, a trainer who explained the program and told them that Karen would only work out once a week for 30 minutes. Karen was sold.

“It’s a hard workout, but I really started to look forward to it because it’s a one-on-one training session. I like the personal attention and the guidance that I receive from the trainer.”

So does Ginger Duncan, 76, whose lung condition requires her to use oxygen regularly. Duncan joined the Studio when she found she was having trouble even getting out of her chair at home, due to weakness and pain.

“I was once told that every day you spend in a hospital takes a week to get over it,” Duncan said. “That is not the life I wanted  I had done lung rehab, and then I looked for something else to do. After just my first session at Strength Science Studios I found my shoulder was doing much better. Since I’ve been on this program, I have not had the pain I used to have. Stretching seems to build up some muscle, which has helped me tremendously.”

Duncan was physically active her whole life, and although she felt she was declining physically, she now says she is “getting stronger and stronger all the time. I’m having a much easier time getting out of my chair, and I just believe it’s worth spending the time and effort on myself now.”

Neyland says specialized equipment, built by MedX, allows the same level of resistance throughout the movements. Multiple machines allow users to work all of the muscles in the body, which is a unique experience for many older people.

Steve Brown could not agree more. Brown, 70, is retired and was not having much physical activity in his life. He knew something wasn’t right when he was found himself unable to mow his whole lawn anymore.

“I would mow part of the lawn, but it was getting tougher and tougher until I could not do the whole thing in one shot,” he said. “I would do half of it one day and half the next, if I could recover my strength enough. I was getting tired so much easier, and I thought maybe it must be because of my muscles aging.”

Brown, a client of JCN Financial and Tax Advisory Group, attended a seminar in which Neyland had a guest speaker explain the exercise system used at Strength Science Studios. He decided to give it a try.

“After about four or five weeks, I didn’t notice that I was feeling that much different, but then one day I was mowing my lawn and I just felt like I could keep going. I got all the way through. This year I’m not even huffing and puffing anymore after I mow my lawn. Now I can definitely see I’ve gotten stronger during the time I have been going to Strength Science Studios.”

Just like Susan Wallace, a side benefit for Brown has been weight loss.

“I did not go into this with the intention of losing weight, but during the holiday season back in 2017 I partied more than usual, and the next thing I knew I had picked up about 15 pounds. After a while, I ended up losing the weight. Honestly, I just wanted to be able to mow the yard. But now I’m pushing and pulling more weight than I used to on the machines and it has definitely increased my strength.”

As for Neyland, seeing the increase in his clients’ quality of life is a reward in itself. “I did not set out to turn this into a full-time business, but the satisfaction in seeing these people come back to life from their sedentary ways is joyful for me. It’s remarkable. Everything I do at my financial services business, at Strength Science Studios and even in my own family is geared toward helping people live a better life.”

In the coming months, Neyland plans move his studio into a larger space to accommodate the ever-increasing number of clients. In the future, Neyland plans to open more locations in other cities. For the time being, anyone interested in their own better life can call (225) 800 – 7562 to set up an initial consultation and start their own weekly workout plan at just $40 per session.

“You can’t put a price on good health, and with baby boomers retiring, and medical science allowing us all to live longer, more active lives, we have to keep moving. We are worth it, and our energy and strength have to be a priority. We are not necessarily just getting older – we’re getting stronger and I just want to help everybody enjoy my favorite three things – F – U – N!

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