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One of the most common reasons older adults do not exercise is that they often do not even know where to start. If you have not exercised regularly in many years, the good news is you can begin taking care of your body now.

How does this sound to you? Sleeping well, maintaining a healthy weight, improving and sustaining your good mood, and looking forward to each new day. Those are the main benefits of regular exercise. We want you to take advantage of our program at Strength Science Studios, but before you do, take these actions steps:

  • Check with your doctor. Any time you make a major change in your life that involves the use of your body, it is advisable to determine the best way to do so safely. The National Institutes of Health suggests you ask your doctor three important questions before you start an exercise program:

Are there any exercises or activities I should avoid?

Is my preventative care up to date?

How does my health condition affect my ability to exercise?

  • Get motivated! But how? The typical older adult has a set routine that has evolved over time. First, make a decision to add movement to your routine. Next, establish a goal (or goals) that you can work toward. Maybe you’d like to  rid yourself of that “spare tire” in your mid section, or improve your endurance. Can a senior actually speed things up in life? Absolutely, but you must determine the reason you want to do it.
  • At Strength Science Studios you only have to commit 30 minutes a week toward your physical well being. Under the guidance of our highly-qualified trainers, you will gradually build up your muscles and endurance. Many of our members report that the 30 minutes they spend with us each week motivates them to incorporate other exercise activities into their routine, between weekly sessions.

Give us a call at 225 – 800 – 7562, or email us at Get moving with us!

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